Hailo L100 TopLine Aluminium Safety Stepladder


The aluminium safety stepladder with multipurpose tray, safety rail and platform locking mechanism offers safety in XXL size: 130 mm extra-deep steps.

  • Suitable for Hailo EasyClix replaceable feet (optional accessory)
  • Platform locking mechanism ensures platform can be safely locked and released
  • Black XXL aluminium steps with non-slip ribbing and an extra deep tread
  • Black zinc-plated steel platform with non-slip ribbing
  • Extendable safety rail provides a firm grip when working on the platform
  • Multipurpose tray for holding tools, cans of paint or small parts
  • Bucket strap with click-in quick lock for securely fastening buckets, vacuum cleaners or cable drums
  • 1 universal hook for hanging hedge shears, cleaning materials or paint rollers
  • 1 clip for holding brooms or fruit-pickers
  • Safe, high-tech riveted rail-step joints
Code Open Height Platform Height Width and Depth Tread/Steps Max Load Weight
8050-307 1.43m 0.63m 0.42 x 0.70m 3 150kg 4.7kg
8050-407 1.65m 0.85m 0.45 x 0.85m 4 150kg 5.4kg
8050-507 1.87m 1.07m 0.48 x 1.01m 5 150kg 6.2kg
8050-607 2.09m 1.28m 0.50 x 1.16m 6 150kg 7.3kg
8050-707 2.30m 1.50m 0.53 x 1.32m 7 150kg 8.5kg
8050-807 2.52m 1.72m 0.56 x 1.47m 8 150kg 10.1kg