Hailo ProfiLOT Pedal Adjustment Combination Ladders


3-Part German manufactured aluminium combination ladder with pedal level adjustment. Pedal adjustment allows ladder angle to be adjusted to suite uneven grounds, steps, pavements and more.

  • Non-removable third ladder section (9312-507)
  • Versatile - can be used as a simple, extension ladder or double ladder.
  • Sturdy guide part with plastic gliders.
  • Locking hook with transport safety mechanism.
  • Length and cross-profiled rungs.
  • 2 full-surface-contact feet and 2 large, stable claw feet.
  • Step adjustment for stair use 9306-507 and 9309-507 only.
  • LOT system: compensates for surface unevenness up yo 15cm, adjust by foot pedal.
Code Step Ladder Height Extension Ladder Height Stabiliser Width Weight Max Load
9306-507 2.85m 3.7m 1.2m 15.4kg 150kg
9309-507 4.18m 5.6m 1.2m 20.7kg 150kg
9312-507 5.53m 8.15m 1.2m 30.5kg 150kg