Lyte Trade Double Extension Ladders


Available in a variety of sizes each certified to BS EN131 and is suitable for all types of trade work.

  • Specialist features include large 'D' shape rungs (40mm depth) which make the ladder comfortable to use and easy on the feet.
  • Heavy duty rigid extruded box section stiles for added strength and stability.
  • PVC moulded feet for added grip.
  • Both sections separate turning a double extension ladder into a single ladder.
  • Maximum permissible load 150kg.
Code Extended Height Sections Rungs Weight Max Load
HPL225 3.82m 2 16 9.0kg 150kg
HPL230 4.88m 2 20 10.5kg 150kg
HPL235 5.94m 2 24 14.0kg 150kg
HPL240 7.03m 2 28 16.0kg 150kg
HPL245 7.81m 2 30 20.5kg 150kg
HPL250 8.83m 2 34 23.5kg 150kg
HPL255 9.9m 2 38 29.0kg 150kg